What is microblading?
Microblading is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. A small tool called a microblading pen is used to deposit ink under the skin in the likeness of a real hairstroke. This method creates an incredibly realistic looking brow result.

How long does it last?
The lifespan of microblading is NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL!- Results can greatly vary from person to person depending upon your aftercare/continuing skincare, lifestyle, skin type etc. Typically, being kind to your brows (i.e. minimizing sun exposure/exfoliation, and maintaining proper moisturization) will ensure that your results will be long-lasting!
Do you offer consultations?
* As we spend the first hour of your New Client Session doing a very thorough assessment of your goals, taking measurements, selecting color, etc. we do not offer a separate consultation appointment.
What can I expect during my appointment?
Your appointment will begin with a consultation where we will discuss your current brows, your facial shape and bone structure, your skin tone/hair color, and what you do/don’t like about your current brows. Once we have an understanding of these components, I will map out your new brows and remove any hairs that don’t fall into the new shape (this is done with a painless cosmetic razor). After mapping, I will apply an anesthetic cream to numb the brows that will process for 15-20 minutes to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. As your brows are numbing we will go through your client release form, aftercare instructions, and address any remaining questions that you may have. The actual microblading strokes will come next, during which anesthetic will be continuously applied. Once the strokes are complete we will look together at the brows and determine if there are any final touches necessary to complete the look! Once the process is complete we will hand book your Complimentary Perfecting Session for 6-12 weeks following the first session. * PLEASE NOTE: As this is a complimentary session (and has no monetary value) once your appointment is scheduled it cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. 
If you are unable to fulfill the session for ANY reason, it is considered forfeited. 

What type of pigment is used?
The pigments used are highly concentrated versions of selective organic & inorganic colorants made specifically for microblading procedures. They are long lasting, and will be true to color once healed.

Is it safe?
We take every precaution to ensure your safety at Kentucky Brow Co. Completion of your client release form will alert us if there any contraindications for your appointment. We use only new, disposable instruments that are pre-packaged sterile for each and every client. Our pigments are from a certified cosmetic manufacturer and are of the highest quality.

Does it hurt?
As each client will have a different pain threshold, each would rate the “pain scale” differently during their appointment. To ensure minimal discomfort a topical numbing anesthetic is applied and left to process for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the procedure, and an additional anesthetic is applied continuously throughout the service.

Is there any reason I wouldn’t be a candidate for microblading? - Please reference our detailed list in the BOOK APPOINTMENT tab
There are several contraindications for microblading:
-Minor (Must have a notarized minor consent form-please correspond with us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PRIOR to scheduling your appointment)
-Pregnancy & Breastfeeding NO EXCEPTIONS as per KY STATE LAW
-Retinol (must discontinue use of this product for 30 days prior to the appointment)
-Accutane (must discontinue use for at least one year prior to appointment)
-Botox/Facial Injections in brow area (should be completed no sooner than 3 weeks prior to/post appointment)
-Sunburns/Inflamed acne (skin in area of procedure will need to be clear before microblading can be completed)
**This list is not entirely inclusive if any of these contraindications apply to you or you believe you may have a questionable circumstance, please consult with us  PRIOR TO SCHEDULING for more information.

I have a previous eyebrow tattoo, can I still be microbladed?
In most cases this can be achieved- Please correspond with us via email PRIOR to booking at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.- (we will need well lit photographs to determine your eligibility for an appointment)
Do I get to pick the shape and color?
I will collaborate with you to map out the perfect brows for your unique facial structure, coloring, and aesthetic desire.

Is there recovery time?
There is no down time with microblading, you can immediately partake in normal life with minimal discomfort. You will need to follow the aftercare instructions you are given to ensure the best healed result.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
Once you have booked your appointment and paid your fee, we will provide you with a pre-procedure instructional sheet via email.

Is gratuity customary?
Tipping is customary as in all service industries; However it is entirely at your discretion.
What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment? 
All appts (with the exception of CPS appts) may be rescheduled one time with 24 hours notice (notification must be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Anything outside of this parameter will be considered a forfeited fee and is non refundable. 
*Complimentary Perfecting Session:As this is a complimentary session (and has no monetary value) once your appointment is scheduled it cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. If you are unable to fulfill the session for ANY reason, it is considered forfeited.

How do I book an appointment?
To book an appointment please follow THIS LINK

-Please bring a photo ID to all of your appointments. If you are under the age of 18 let us know, as there are other forms that you will need to complete prior to your appointment.

-Please refrain from wearing perfumes, lotions, and any other strong-smelling items & please do not smoke immediately before your appointment. Our artist is very chemical sensitive.

-Please don’t come to your appointment if you are sick. Your immune system needs to be at its best to ensure proper healing of the brows. Call us as soon as possible to reschedule. If you arrive for your appointment sick, we reserve the right to refuse the service.

***PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ALL BLOOD THINNERS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT (YES INCLUDING CAFFIENE & ALCOHOL…it is the client’s responsibility to be cognizant of what they are consuming- KY STATE LAW requires us to refuse the service if you are on a blood thinner. If your session cannot come to fruition due to consumption of any type of blood thinner you will forfeit that session and all applicable fees.